6 Key Steps for Leaders to build an Amazing Workplace


Companies who become industry and market leaders have built a strong people oriented culture and practice effective leadership. The leaders of the organization (C-level, Directors, team managers, and department heads) are usually the role models & mentors for their subordinates. However, exceptional companies strive to provide its employees opportunities to develop their leadership skills.

How can companies further strengthen its leadership culture and build an Amazing Workplace? Here are five methods through which leaders can create a positive and motivating work environment.

1.  Leaders should promote and encourage excellence across all employees. They should be champions of excellence and demonstrate to all by sharing their know how and expertise. Thus helping others improve their skills and performance.

2. Be positive especially during times of trouble and hardship. Employees look upon their leaders to provide guidance and direction during difficult periods. Thus, enabling the organization to persevere and navigate through adversity and overwhelming odds. The current COVID lockdown in the Philippines is a severe crisis that will test all leaders and their organization.

3. Make people feel part of the team and comfortable at the workplace. People want to belong and be able to contribute and work effectively in the office and with their team mates. Leaders should regularly make employees feel part of the company regardless of position and role.

4. Be an approachable mentor and effective communicator, seeking first to understand and then be understood. By listening first, leaders make employees feel welcome and truly part of the team (and the company).

5. Recognize and Reward the completed tasks and demonstrated behaviors of your employees. Leaders find opportunities to recognize the effort and accomplishment of employees. Leaders value the benefits of effective recognition and rewards or employees.

6. Empower team members. Leaders should develop the next generation of leaders. This is a very important job of an effective leader. A true leader is able to develop additional leaders in their organization to be the foundation of its future.



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